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Youth Member (18 years old or younger, or 21 or younger and a full time student) $10.00
Lifetime Member $2,000.00
Lifetime Member (Senior 65+) $1,000.00

*New members:  when you join and pay your dues for next year, you can also pay dues for the rest of this year at a rate of $5.00/month.

You can pay your dues at the range or at a monthly meeting, or you can mail us a check.

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William Lee Abbott Billy Crews Jerry Esparza Scott Gardenhire Robert Hoffman Francis Lawrence Tom Lightfoot Sunrise Lions Raul Martinez David McClure Roseann Moen Rich Norton Karen Parmeter Clinton Woodward

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Jacob Acosta Mark Aguirre Chris Allison Victor Babin Ruben Benavidez Eric Benfield Preston Benfield Dave Bess Roberto Borges Maury Brown Jason Browning Bullseye 4-H Club Ray Bundy Bill Busse Bob Busse Raul Delgado Pete DiVasto John Dodds Dona Ana 4-H Eva Madrid R. Clay Doyle Dan Duggan David Dungan James Eckerd Paul Flamm Mark Gamble Michael Garcia Thomas Greenling Brock Hammond Ken Hunter Chase Kaufman Todd Kaufman Bob Kirkpatrick Ricardo Leon Mike McFadden Ronald Miller Craig Newtson Tom & Linda Nolan Joe Pfeiffer Cindy & Steve Pollock Dorothy Proffitt Phillip Pruett Jimmy Ramsey Rick Richardson Rich Robinson Rick Rose Jesse Rouse John Querry Bill Schumacher Mike Smelker Jerry Teufel Craig Tharp Jack Thomas Randy Toepher Steven Webb Larry Wright Nathan Workman