Hours and Prices

Rescheduling/Cancelling Events

Occasionally it becomes necessary to reschedule or cancel our events.  In this case, we send an announcement out on our email list (see http://mesillavalleyshotgunsports.com/2021/07/08/new-email-list/ to subscribe). Also, we will update our calendar (see http://mesillavalleyshotgunsports.com/events/) to reflect the change.


All of our activities are contingent on weather.  In the event of rain, high winds, or other conditions that make shooting unsafe, we will cancel events.  In this case, we will attempt to notify people on our email list, on a best-effort basis (see http://mesillavalleyshotgunsports.com/2021/07/08/new-email-list/ to subscribe).


Trap and skeet are paid for using a “wooden nickel” token.  Tokens may be purchased at the field, and cost $5.00 for members or $6.00 for non-members.

Daytime Trap and Skeet

One token per round of 25 birds


One token plus $1.00 per round

  • First Saturday of the Month:  9:00 AM – Noon

Sporting Clays

50 Birds:  $20.00
100 Birds:  $40.00

  • February-October
    Third Saturday of the month 9:00 AM – Noon