5-Stand November 26

Our 5-Stand venue will be open Saturday, November 26.

Sporting Clays December 4

Our Sporting Clays venue will be open Sunday, December 4.

See http://mesillavalleyshotgunsports.com/2022/06/04/sporting-clays-procedures/

Skeet Tuesday November 8

The skeet range will be open Tuesday at 9:30 in addition to the normal Wednesday.

5-Stand — November 5

The 5 Stand field will be open on Saturday, November 5, from 9:00 AM until  noon.

Club Trap Championship — November 6

Sunday November 6, practice 9:30 competition at 10 followed by awards luncheon. Any ties will split jackpot unless all agree to shoot off. Remember you must have shot 150 targets in previous monthly competitions. Questions 586-215-3060 Preston

Club Skeet Championship — October 30

Sunday October 30 will be our championship skeet shoot and awards luncheon. We will be open at 9ish for practice, registration, with competition 9:45ish. Our awards luncheon will follow afterwards around 11. This will be a 100 target event plus handicap according to class. Ties will divide purse unless all tied agree to a shoot [read more]

October Sporting Clays — October 15

MVSS will open its sporting clays field this Saturday, October 15, from  9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

The new procedures will be in place for this shoot. Please review the  following changes and arrive early enough to be at your assigned station by

Shooters are to arrive and purchase their score cards no [read more]

Club Trap Shoot — October 23

Sunday October 23 club trap shoot. Last open monthly shoot before the yearly championship which requires 150 targets to have been shot prior to eligibility for championship shoot November 6.
Questions 586-215-3060 Preston

Final Club Skeet Shoot of the Year — October 30

The final club skeet shoot of 2022 will be October 30. This will an 100 target event with lunch and awards immediately after shooting. Remember you must have shot 150 targets in our monthly events to be eligible for this final shoot. All ties will be decided by doubles at 3,4, and 5 miss and [read more]

5-Stand Moved to October 2

October 5-Stand will be October 2.  The change is necessary due to the Lions Club shoot on October 1