History and Purpose

Mesilla Valley Shotgun Sports, Inc. was formed in August 2009 to oversee the development, operation, and maintenance of skeet, trap, and sporting clays ranges at the City of Las Cruces, New Mexico, Butterfield Shooting Range. This shooting range will provide the opportunity for a wide cross section of people to engage in shotgun sports both competitively and recreationally and provide the community in general and area youth in particular the opportunity to learn shotgun proficiency and gun safety.

Membership is open to any citizen of the community who can legally possess a firearm. Receipts are derived from membership dues, donations, grants, fund-raisers, and proceeds from the sale of targets. Disbursements are made for the purchase of targets, purchase and maintenance of target throwing equipment, improvements to the range grounds and buildings, expenses of special events, and miscellaneous operating expenses. None of the organization’s income inures to the benefit of private individuals.

The organization’s principal activity is the operation of a shotgun target range. The general public is permitted full use of the organization’s facilities. Qualified members of the organization will conduct classes in safe gun handling and marksmanship and supervise the firing on the ranges. The only cost to persons participating in these activities is a nominal fee to cover the cost of targets.

The formulation and development of our organization began when the State of New Mexico appropriated $65,000 of fiscal year 2008 Capital Outlay funds for the City of Las Cruces to develop a skeet and trap range. After it became apparent that an organization focused on shotgun sports was needed, the groundwork for the formation of Mesilla Valley Shotgun Sports, Inc. was initiated.

The Butterfield Shooting Range is a City of Las Cruces – Facilities Department – Parks Section maintained Park located approximately 12 miles west of the City off Interstate 10 West at Exit 127. It has been in existence for over 30 years and has been developed in the past primarily for rifle and pistol target shooting. This State funding, when combined with private sector funding and in-kind public and private assistance, will allow for a first class shotgun sports facility to be built to serve the local community and surrounding areas.

Mesilla Valley Shotgun Sports, Inc will provide the clay target throwing machines to make the facilities operational. This organization will also purchase the clay targets that will be used at the range and provide, on a volunteer basis, the necessary manpower to operate and maintain the range for use by members, youth organizations, and the general public. The organization will also provide the manpower to insure the safe operation of the range and provide for marksmanship and safe gun handling training.

The development, operation, and maintenance of a skeet, trap, and sporting clays shooting range for the benefit of the citizens of the Mesilla Valley and surrounding areas will constitute 100 percent of the organizations activities which will promote the common good and general welfare of the community.