Sporting Clays June 18

Thank you to everyone who shot sporting clays yesterday. We think the new  procedures worked pretty well, it was the smoothest shoot we’ve ever had.

There were 35 shooters, most of whom shot a hundred targets in just two  hours. There were a few backups but no one had to stay out in the heat  [read more]

Club Trap Shoot

We had 10 shooters several for the first time. A class again ended in a 2 way tie and the shooters elected a shoot off rather than split the purse. Again Fritz won the shoot off. Class B was won by Phill, class C won by Mike and class D Rich prevailed. There was just [read more]

Targets are Stored!

Due to good planning and masterful forklift operation by President Phillip  Pruett, some strong, young help from Bullseye 4-H and SCTP, and several  club members, all of the new targets have put away.

Thanks to everyone who helped today.

Target Delivery Friday — Help Needed

The club is receiving a shipment of targets on Friday and we need help  distributing them to the skeet and trap houses and storage areas.

We’ll have a forklift to move the pallets but need help moving boxes of  targets into the houses.

We’ll start at 7:00 AM Friday to beat the heat and continue [read more]

Sporting Clays Procedures


We are going to streamline our sporting clays shoots to hopefully get more  people to shoot more targets without long delays. Starting with the next  shoot on June 18, 2022, we will implement the following procedures:

Shooters are to arrive and purchase their score cards no later than 8:45  AM. The cashier will be [read more]

5 Stand

The 5 Stand field will be open this Saturday, June 4, from 9:00 AM until  noon.

Open Skeet Shooting

Due to schedule change in our registered skeet shoot tomorrow there will not be any practice field available

We should have one field available this Saturday and Sunday for skeet shooters who are not participating in the registered skeet shoot.

May Club Skeet Shoot Report

The howling gusts almost cancelled the noise of the gunfire. We had 8 go for it shooters who were New Mexico true competitors. 3 classes had shoot offs A won by Tom Pitcavage, B won by Dorothy Proffitt and D won by youth shooter Emily Massey. Class C was won outright by her brother youth [read more]

Sporting Clays Saturday

MVSS will open its sporting clays field this Saturday, May 21, from 9:00 AM  to 12:00 PM.

Cost is $40 for 100 targets, $20 for 50 targets.

Skeet Sunday May 22

We have a skeet field down waiting parts and our Skeet Club Shoot is Sunday. We may not be able to accommodate any non skeet club shoot shooters until 10:30 or so as we don’t know the amount of participation the shoot will attract. Sorry for the inconvenience