Open Skeet Shooting

Due to schedule change in our registered skeet shoot tomorrow there will not be any practice field available

We should have one field available this Saturday and Sunday for skeet shooters who are not participating in the registered skeet shoot.

May Club Skeet Shoot Report

The howling gusts almost cancelled the noise of the gunfire. We had 8 go for it shooters who were New Mexico true competitors. 3 classes had shoot offs A won by Tom Pitcavage, B won by Dorothy Proffitt and D won by youth shooter Emily Massey. Class C was won outright by her brother youth shooter Kaleb Massey. I believe all enjoyed the challenge especially those who treated it as a warm up for the skeet competition this comming weekend. Powder at low 8. Preston

May Club Trap Shoot

A great success we had 11 shooters and all had some laughs and frowns. We had shooters in classes A thru D and a total of $77 was awarded. A class did have a 3 way shoot off with a youth shooter Tyler out lasting two old pro’s. Hope to see more of you next month. Preston

Mesilla Valley Open May 27-29

The Mesilla Valley Open will be held at the Butterfield Range Friday, May 27 through Sunday, May 29.  For more information, contact Brock Hammond at 575.644.3608.  The flyer, with entry blank, is available at

Our Mailing List

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Welcome to Mesilla Valley Shotgun Sports!  We are a group of shotgun enthusiasts engaged in building, operating, and maintaining the trap, skeet, and sporting clays ranges at Butterfield Trail Shooting Park, outside Las Cruces, New Mexico.  Location, hours, prices, and other information about the organization can be found in the page menus on this site.

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