5-Stand Saturday Only

Our 5-Stand venue will be setup this Saturday, December 5, from 9:00 until Noon. This will be a the only day that it will be setup; no Sunday this month.

Range opens SATURDAY 2020-12-05

Whoops!  City got word to us later today the range won’t be open until Saturday.  Sorry….

The shotgun range will reopen for normal hours beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, December 2. So we are back to normal for now. Update tomorrow on status of 5-stand this weekend.

Reclaimed Shot Order

Those of you who had shot orders with Preston it will be in today, November 24, at 4:00 at Trophy Country (3401 S. Main, Mesilla Park). There is a problem with #9 doesn’t have enough to fill our order will be back in December or you can have 8.5 now. Questions call Preston 586-215-3060

Range Closure

Effective immediately, along with the whole of Butterfield Shooting Range, the Shotgun Range is closed until further notice.

SCTP Skeet Sunday

The SCTP youth will be shooting skeet on Sunday, November 8. Recreational Skeet will be somewhat limited with the kids shooting on fields 2 and 3 until about 10:30. Field 1 will definitely be open for recreational shooting and possibly field 4.

Club Skeet Shoots

The skeet club shoot scheduled for the 15th of November will still be a club shoot but not a final. We have not accumulated enough money to do a good job on buckles, trophies, and accumulated jackpot monies. I’ve talked to several of our shooters and they suggested that we roll this year into next [read more]

5-Stand Nov 7-8

The 5-Stand venue will not be up this coming weekend (October 31-November 1) but instead will be setup for November 7-8.

Trap Range Closed Today

The trap range will be closed today, Oct 28, as the range officers have opted to huddle around the fireplace. I have not heard the status of the skeet range, but it is sure cold.

Thank you! Trap House Loading

These are the people who made a great effort to getting our targets in the houses on Saturday:

Jack Thomas Ron Miller Phil Pruitt Jim Ramsey Scott Gardenhire Tyler Smelker Mike Smelker John Queery Brock & Naomi & Kira Hammond Carter Hammond Asa Maynard Steve Webb Tom Brown Doc Strader & Crew 3 generations of [read more]

Help Needed for Target Off-load

We are getting a truckload of targets this coming Saturday, October 10 and really need some help in off-loading them. We usually get a crew from the Gospel Rescue Mission to do the majority of the work, but with Covid we do not want to take a chance with transporting them from the Mission to [read more]