Price Increase Effective January 1

Our target supplier, White Flyer, has substantially increased the cost of targets. The pitch targets that we use on the skeet fields increased 29.6%. The bio targets that we use on the trap fields increased 21.6%. Also, the shipping costs have increased. Our last trailer full of targets cost an additional 24.2% for delivery.

Starting on January 1, 2023 our member token price will increase $1.00. It will change from $5.00/token to $6.00/token.

All members are welcome to purchase extra $5.00 tokens prior to the price increase.

2023 Price List


Venue Member Price Non-Member Price
Skeet $6.00/round $7.00/round
Trap $6.00/round $7.00/round
5-Stand $7.00/round $10.00/round
Sporting Clays $40.00/round $50.00/round

Thank you for your support,
Phillip Pruett

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