Mesilla Valley Shotgun High School / SCTP News

The Mesilla Valley Shotgun High School / SCTP started off the year in October. The team started off with some high scores in Skeet with Tyler Smelker (World)  score counting with 100, Caleb Delk 92, and Kaleb Massey with a 90. Great way to start the season.  High Team in Skeet.

Because of the fair and homecoming, we only have two members shoot trap last during the event. Kaleb Massey shot in the 90’s in trap, with some great shooting starting the year. 

Some youth got to attend National events recently and over the summer. The team has to congratulate Caleb Delk for 99 at National 4H Rodeo Contest, and winning the tie breaker to be National Champ.

Tyler Smelker attended the National Skeet World Championship in San Antonio.Started off the events strong with a 96 in Doubles, 3rd place class B, then ran his first 75 straight in 12 gauge, and was able to have a shootoff in the main event. Tyler ran his 23 out of 24 in the shoot off and won B Class for the first 75. He continued in the afternoon with total of 146/150. He shot well in 28 gauge with a 94. 410 Tyler ran a 98, and was in a shootoff for 2nd place, but ended up with 3rd place in Class A. Tyler was able to shoot in the rookie class, since this was his first year to qualify, and was Rookie Champ in 12 guage, Wayne Maynes, Doubles, and 410. HOA and HAA Rookie Champ, and placed 8th place overall in HAA B Class. 

Tyler wants to thank everyone that helped him this last year to get him to the be able to compete with the best in the world. Thank you John Moen for everything you did for me, from learning the game of skeet, to pulling the weeds on the field. 

The team is excited for the year, and your support is always welcome. The next competition is November 13th and 14th.

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