Help Needed for Target Off-load

We are getting a truckload of targets this coming Saturday, October 10 and really need some help in off-loading them. We usually get a crew from the Gospel Rescue Mission to do the majority of the work, but with Covid we do not want to take a chance with transporting them from the Mission to the range and back. So we need about 8 folks to get this job done. The truck is scheduled to arrive at 9:00 Saturday morning at which time, using a forklift, we will remove the 23 pallets from the trailer and set the pallets on the ground in the parking lot. John is arranging for one or two helpers for this part of the task. Then when shooting is over (around 11:30), using the forklift, the pallets will be distributed to the various trap and skeet houses. Then the work begins with the loading of the houses. Please email or call John (575-644-3936) or Joe (575-642-2072) if you are able to lend us a hand. The job usually take about 3 hours with 4 worker from the mission. We really need your help.

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