New Mexico Sporting Clays Hall of Fame Selects Mark Parmeter

From: NM Sporting Clays
Date: August 21, 2020 at 7:31:29 PM MDT
Subject: 2020 New Mexico Sporting Clays HOF; Results are in!

Greetings Shooters,

Thanks to everyone who participated in the New Mexico Sporting Clays Hall of Fame selection process this  year. We had one nomination for Shooter Category, which did not go to voting. Our rules require a minimum of two nominations per category to proceed to voting. There will be no selection for Shooter Category for 2020.

Greg Anderson and Mark Parmeter were nominated for Service Category. Both bios illustrate their  tremendous contributions to the sport we all enjoy. The voting was close. However, Mark Parmeter is the 2020 selection for the New Mexico Sporting Clays Hall of Fame, Service Category. Congratulations Mark!

Thanks again for everyone who made the effort to submit a nomination, and those who reviewed the bios and
Mike Moran
Jerry Rackley
New Mexico NSCA Delegates

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