Southwestern Shotgunners Trap Club – Opening May 16, 2020

The Southwestern Shotgunners Trap Club is  open as of May 16, 2020.

In keeping with the mandates put forth by the Governor of New Mexico the Southwestern Shotgunners Trap Club will be requiring ALL members to wear a mask while on the property starting Saturday May 16. We understand how difficult it is to wear a mask and shoot at the same time, therefore we will allow shooters on the line to remove the mask while shooting but the masks must be put back on when you come off the line. There will be no exceptions.

More information follows after the break.

If there is anyone who does not want to adhere to this we ask that you please refrain from coming to the club.

Please remember that everyone needs to adhere to six foot social distancing, this includes changing from station 5 to station 1. Please make sure to walk to the 19 yard line before you start towards post 1.

Please keep in mind the six foot social distancing at all gun racks and on all the trap lines to help spread people out.

The clubhouse will be limited to only 3 people inside at one time this includes whoever may be selling tickets.

We have an upcoming ATA shoot that we are still going to try and host on June 6, 2020. We are going to require the same for our ATA shoot at this time. Masks must be worn while not shooting.

Squadding for the ATA Shoot will be by phone or email. Please contact us to presquad for this shoot.

For this tournament there will be no lunch served and the clubhouse will be closed. The outdoor restroom will be the only restroom open. We will require all shooters to shoot all 100 targets from the same trap field. Only the squad leader can approach the score keeper staying six feet away to check scores.We will place shooters receipts and scores on the score board on the porch of the club. All payments will need to be paid by check or cash for the exact amount. Please remember that you need exact change or check, we will not be giving change out. Any option money will be paid out with a check mailed to shooters. There will be multiple people at the club to help shooters navigate this new procedure.

I know that all this sounds harsh but please remember the Southwestern Shotgunners Trap Club is a business and we must adhere to state and federal mandates that are put forth. This is for the safety of every member of the our club.

As things begin to open up more in our state, club officers will evaluate the situation and mandates that are put forth. We will continue to advise members of any further actions.

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