Safety Rules

Please remember the following rules for servicing the trap houses:

  1. Effective communications between all responsible persons is key to insuring safe operations. It is left to the discretion of those persons in charge to determine the most effective method of communication.
  2. Before servicing any downrange (north of the skeet houses) traps, all persons responsible for the other activities (skeet, trap, 5-stand, or other sporting venues) shall be informed as to the need for servicing and all shooting, without exception, shall cease.
  3. An orange cone shall be placed on top of the trap house and in prominent view in the 5-stand or other sporting game field while servicing the traps.
  4. Upon completion of the downrange servicing, the orange cone shall be removed and the other activities shall be informed that the servicing is complete so shooting may resume.
  5. Under no circumstance will shooting be allowed to occur while an orange cone is visible downrange.
  6. It is imperative that those persons servicing downrange traps remain vigilant with their eyes and ears to insure that shooting has truly ceased.
  7. If using air horns as the means of communicating, the following will remain as the standard: One blast– cease fire; Two blasts — all clear.

These rules are also on this site at and are available as a PDF at

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