Target Delivery — Thank you!

Special thanks goes out to the 25 volunteers (17 adults and 8 kids) that made our target unloading on 9/10/23 a huge success. With great help we were able to offload, distribute and stock the trap, skeet and sporting
clays with 22 pallets of targets, in a record time of 2 hours. The kids did the heavy lifting by stocking the skeet high houses!

Also special thanks to our hauler, Wild West Express and our forklift provider, SunBelt Rentals. These companies have aided in our success for several years.

Again volunteers (listed below), *THANK YOU VERY MUCH *

Benfield, Preston
Massey, Emily
Browning, Cedar
Massey, Kaleb
Browning, Forest
Miller, Ron
Browning, Jason
Papake, Barry
Gardenhire, Scott
Parmeter, Karen
Greenling, Tom
Pruett, Phillip
Hammond, Brock
Ramsey, Jimmy
Jaramillo, Clair
Richardson, Rick
Jaramillo, Cody
Robinson, Rich
Jaramillo, Emma
Smelker, Mike
Jaramillo, Lillie
Toepher, Randy
Kuehmlenz, Landon
Widger, Chuck
Kuykendall, Colton

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