Outers Single Stack Trap for sale — Price Reduced!

Scott Ramsey


I have an Outers Single Stack Trap I would like to sell. It is powered by a 12V deep cycle battery (not included) and will throw 3,000 to 5,000 targets from fully charged battery per Outers. Target capacity is 50 targets (and I think you could probably extend that with a little simple fabrication). It is compact enough to fit in the trunk of a car but will be a two person load as it weighs over 50 pounds. Cycle time is fast enough to keep 3 targets in the air. Maximum range is up to 70 yards. I also have the optional Oscillating base which provides 45 deg of Oscillation. And the optional Wobble accessory which gives up to 35 deg of wobble. These can be used individually or together if you really want to have fun 😊 or you can choose to have straight away targets. I also will include two wireless remote controls as well as the wired foot control and all manuals. This is a serious trap and an excellent teaching tool as well as a great bit of fun. Condition is excellent. I don’t think it has thrown over a couple hundred targets. I paid $1,625 (bought new from Gene Sears) for the thrower, optional bases, and wireless remote a few years back plus another $65 for shipping I am asking $800 but will consider all reasonable offers.

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