Remington 1100 Competition 12ga

For sale by Scott:

I have an as new Remington 1100 Competition 12ga (used for 1 round of skeet) for sale. A really neat gun but a tad heavy for my short round little self

Per Remington:

Model 1100 Competition Synthetic is super-tuned for the competitive scene. By overboring the 30″ barrel and lengthening the forcing cones, we improved shot-to-shot pattern consistency and made what was one of the softest-recoiling actions in the world even easier on your shoulder. The receiver and all internal parts feature a nickel-Teflon® finish for the smoothest, most reliable cycling ever. It’s optimized for 2 3/4″ target loads and light field loads, and the barrel has a 10mm target-style rib. All these, plus a host of other upgrades, transform an already legendary design into an unstoppable force
at the range.

  • Twin target-style bead sights
  • Nickel finish on receiver
  • Nickel coated internals
  • Adjustable comb and cast adjustment options
  • Includes full set of five Briley (Target) ProBore Choke Tubes: skeet, improved cylinder, light modified, modified and full
  • Recoil reducing stock

Blah blah. Retail is $1,305, street price is around $1,100 delivered. I will take $925 for mine. It is as new in the box.




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