Fall Skeet League Starting

The Fall skeet league is starting! 300 total targets due at 100 per month shot during normal range hours. Can shoot 100 at one time or any combination of 25. All league shooting must be on paper score sheets. League cost is $20.00 plus normal cost of rounds and ammo. High school and younger shooters’ [read more]

New Mexico State Skeet Championships

The results of the New Mexico State Skeet Championships can be found at http://www.bdb.com/results/cur_year/NEW_MEXICO_STATE_CHAMPIONSHIPS.html. Congratulations to everyone!

Help Needed for NM Skeet Championship; No Regular Skeet August 15-16

If you are available to help keep the skeet machines carrousels loaded on Fri, Sat, and Sun please call John at

The NM State Skeet Championships will be help at our facilities on August 14 – 16. This means that only those participating in the Championships will be shooting skeet on those days. [read more]